Central Carolina Jaycees

The Central Carolina Jaycees formed in 2001 after a group split off from the (now-defunct) Sanford Jaycees. The chapter has won numerous accolades, including the John Kiger Memorial Award for overall excellence in 2007 and 2013.

The chapter has also been named a Top Five chapter for several years and boasts numerous Brownfield and Armbruster award winners.

While the Central Carolina Jaycees run many small projects throughout the year, members focus heavily on a few signature events: Community Egg Hunt (Easter), Spring Movies In the Park (Spring), Halloween Movies In The Park (October), Burn Center Turkey Shoot (November), and Sanford Christmas Parade (December).

Past presidents:

2001 – Darla Cole
2002 – Richard Littiken
2003 – Ken Moss
2004 – Kevin Yow
2005 – Alecia Adams
2006 – Jeff Howell
2007 – Dana Kaufman
2008 – Hampton Rutledge
2009 – Shannon Shuey
2010 and 2011 – Kelly Quinones Miller
2012 – Shannon Shuey
2013 – Gina Guerrero
2014 – Candace Norris
2015 – Kamilah Davis
2016 – Gina Guerrero
2017 – Angela Lett
2017 and 2018 – Cameron McNeill

Click here to see a full list of top awards.

North Carolina Jaycees

The first N.C.-based Jaycee chapter formed in Charlotte in January 1929. Quickly after, chapters formed in Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Sanford.

In April 1937, the North Carolina Jaycees was founded with T. Spruill Thornton of Winston-Salem as the founding president. Learn more>>

United States Jaycees

It all began when a 22-year-old St. Louis bank clerk and Herculaneum Dance Club president set out to attack such wild new dances as the grizzly beat, tango, and fox trot. From this modest beginning, Henry Giessenbier’s dance clubs moved forward and on October 13, 1915, 32 young men formed the Young Men’s Progressive Civic Association, turning its attention to civic affairs.

In 1916, the Y.M.P.C.A. changed its name to Junior Citizens, from which came the nickname JC, or when spelled out, Jaycees. The JCs were quickly noted by various civic-minded businessmen and in 1918 became affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and changed its name from Junior Citizens to the St. Louis Junior Chamber of Commerce, after which the fame of its civic work began to spread. Learn more>>