Activity Day – Another Chance To Register

Dana and I are heading out to CCCC again this afternoon to help the student body continue registering voters. There will be a Wii tournament, paint ball and other fun stuff – so it promises to be a good time.

I just had a pretty interesting conversation with a friend who isn’t necessarily politically active, but who is involved in local politics. We were discussing how many voters cast their ballots based on whose name they recognize. I have been guilty of this before – and I’m sure many of you have, as well.

She made quite a poignant statement that exemplifies the dangers of voting based on name recognition: “So you’d be, like, ‘Hey, I’ve heard of the Devil! I’ll just vote for him!’ What kind of sense does that make?”

Quite an articulate – and fun! – analogy. The moral of this story is – now that you’re registered, you must educate yourself on the candidates – both those right here in Sanford and those at the state and national levels. There’s nothing worse than voting for someone (the Devil!) only because you feel familiar with the person’s name … even if you have no idea what they stand for.

You can get acquainted with local government by perusing our links at the right. There’s some really interesting video footage included!

~ Kelly, CCJC ID VP

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