Clucks For Bucks

In our first pre-pay plate sale, the Central Carolina Jaycees sold 113 plates out of the Jaycee Hut this past Friday! Each plate had a barbecued chicken quarter, homemade coleslaw, baked beans, a roll and a dessert.

Despite a few minor problems (like getting the grill to work), we delivered our plates to a ton of very happy customers.

Our sincere thanks go out to Mike Stone at O’Connell’s Supermarket for helping us out with the chicken and allowing us to use his grill. We couldn’t have had a successful plate sale without his help!

This project went over so well that we’re already thinking about another one. We’ve tossed around some different ideas: chili and cornbread, soup and sandwiches, spaghetti, pancakes or another breakfast-type plate. Who knows what we’ll come up with – but if you have any ideas, let us know!

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