Creating positive change with a little help from our friends

Hitting downtown Baltimore after the state dinner Friday

Taking pictures and making memories makes for an awesome vacation. This means even more when you’re doing a road trip with four of Central Carolina Jaycee members. We are known as the chapter that works hard, plays hard has no filter at times and is ALWAYS entertaining. So it was on Wednesday morning.

We were on our way to Baltimore for the USJC National Convention. Once we got there, the Maryland Jaycees had a bar downtown reserved just for us. We had local beer, world famous crab cakes and AWESOME company. We met individuals just like us from Minnesota, Tennessee, Louisiana, Indiana, California, Michigan, Mississippi, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Maryland, Wisconsin and Nebraska. It was great to hear about their projects and how different their chapters are based on location and weather. I mean how awesome would it be to make $14,000 for our chapter off of an ice fishing tournament?! Not to mention donating over $130,000 to different local charities. The camaraderie within the states was great to see, and made me appreciate North Carolina even more.

After the Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) awards, we got to chat with Neal, a local chapter president from California. His escapades with Americans and on airplanes were a silver lining to the last night of the convention. He is originally from the UK, and has only been in the US for a few years. So the communication can be an obstacle at times. When he first got to the Local President’s Summit in St. Louis, his roommates asked if he would like a chicken biscuit. He said “I don’t think so, but thank you.”

When they arrived back for their first meeting he saw everyone eating a jalapeno chicken biscuit, and he was like “I DID want one of those!!” They said they had asked him and he decided he did not want one. He thought they were talking about a cat food like cookie with bits of chicken and jalapenos, and he was like that’s disgusting, but in the UK a biscuit is a cookie! HILARIOUS!

When he first landed in Maryland,he told us about the layover he had in Chicago. The airlines made him get off the plane to clean it, but when he got back on there was gum and trash all in the pocket at his seat. They also had technical difficulties, so they had to find a charger FOR the battery charger and delayed them another hour. When the airline gave him grief about luggage, hotel and food vouchers because THEY messed up the booking of the flight, he was just at a loss. Here he is trying to “create positive change” in his community, and all they are doing is “creating merry hell!!”

— Gina Guerrero, 2014 Chairman of the Board/Treasurer

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