Distinguished Service Awards

We honored some of Lee County’s top community members last night at the Central Carolina Jaycees’ Distinguished Service Awards dinner, which was held at Cape Cod Grill in Sanford.

At the dinner, we named Officer Marshall Cameron as our Outstanding Public Servant, Katan Akinosho as our Outstanding High School Senior, and Genevieve Quinones as our Outstanding Senior Citizen. Each of the awards were given based on the community members’ hard work and dedication toward improving the lives of those around them. We were also proud to announce that Genevieve won Outstanding Senior Citizen for the State of North Carolina.

We all know that Sanford and Lee County are home to some amazing people, but it’s nice to have a few certificates and plaques to show those hard workers how much we appreciate them.

Think someone you know deserves a Distinguished Service Award? Just let us know why and we can nominate him or her!

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