End of Second-Trimester Awards

If you hadn’t heard, the Central Carolina Jaycees did very well at Convention for this trimester. Here’s a run-down of our awards (with pictures, where available).

Ranked fifth in the state for Parade of Excellence (POE)

Shannon’s Management Fund-Raising Project, the Book Bag Raffle, took 2nd place for Management CPGs. Look at her, she’s so happy — soon to be very happy. More on that, later.

As I’ve said before, the Care Fair was a great success. We now have awards to back that up.CPG 1st place for State, National, International Involvement;
CPG 2nd Place in Sweepstakes overall State, National, International Involvement; overall Community Project.

Hampton stepped up to do write up, winning the local and state match-ups. I’m sure he’ll get top ten at year-end. Hamp also won Top 5 Armbruster (JC for more than 18 months). While we wait to see how these awards play out, let’s critique the pose he’ll be working on in the mirror late into the night.

For her work with the newsletter, Sarah Lyons won JC of the Trimester. And Rebecca Johnson was awarded top five Brownfield, which is awarded to outstanding Jaycees who’ve been members for less than 18 months. Sarah wasn’t there, so “No picture for you!”

As usual, Matt has the best photo honoring his award for Membership VP of the trimester. Dark magic clearly won him this award. Look into his eyes. Ten points if you can figure out whose cleavage is featured in the picture.

Shannon and her family (i.e. her, her husband, and that crazy dog) won Top 5 Family of the Year, and our President, whose cleavage was featured in the above picture, was nominated to the Memorial Foundation Committee for 2008.

Here’s a view of the CCJC winners that were in attendance.

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