Turkey Shoot

The Central Carolina Jaycees are thrilled to bring back our annual turkey shoot to raise funds for the NC Jaycee Burn Center at UNC, a priority project for the North Carolina Jaycees.


When: Every Friday night (7-11 pm) from October 13 until November 17.

Where: Field next to Walmart on N.C. Highway 87.

What: Bring your unloaded shotguns and rifles. We’ll supply the ammunition at $3 per round. 12, 20, 16 and 410 gauge shotguns permitted, 12 gauge must pass 20 gauge shell check. There is a 36″ barrel max and absolutely no scopes. 410 shots get two shells. We reserve the right to deny ANYONE participation.

Prizes: You’ll have the chance to win pork chops, sausage, ham, bacon, country ham, chicken, and — of course — turkey.

This is a family friendly event, so there will be no drinking or other adults-only activities. If we have enough children interested, we will host BB gun rounds. Only shooters will be allowed at the line and no outside shells are permitted.

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2 comments on “Turkey Shoot
  1. mitch says:

    What is the 20 gauge shell test?

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