Fireworks 2006

It was a terrific night. We had an amazing crowd. Our members performed at the highest level. Superlatives do not do justice to this event. “Wow” is the best way for me to sum it up.

This was Kevin Yow’s masterpiece. As his sounding board, I can tell you that he planned this event meticulously. Everything that occurred tonight played out in his mind beforehand. It was a triumph for him.

Trent, Bill, Shannon, Lisa and Lydia worked tirelessly through the long, hot afternoon and evening. You are not unsung heroes. Thank you for all your efforts.

On returning from New York after attending a difficult loss in their family, Matt and Dana Kaufman brought their children and worked the event before ever going home. You are extraordinary Jaycees.

North Carolina State President Joanie Cramer attended and worked this event. She is performing well in a very tough job. Thank you for sweating out the afternoon with the rest of us.

The Cumnock Community trusted the Central Carolina Jaycees to provide a outstanding show and we delivered!

With great pride,
Jeff Howell
President, Central Carolina Jaycees

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