Fireworks, Building and Monthly Dinner Out

There it is – my agenda for 2006 summed up in six words.

Fireworks starts the first week of January. I’ll aim for the third. Dana is heading up the fireworks. I don’t think she wants to be the chairperson so I will title her “Pharaoh of the Fireworks”. Unto her I say, “Go forth and raise money.” Damn this a big project! I watched the Greensboro Jaycees Christmas Parade on Channel 18 yesterday. It was excellent. That’s how our fireworks will be. Get involved!

The building will be addressed in earnest. I’ve seen Kevin’s abilities with a hammer and a saw. The guy is good. Ken knows how to take care of the wiring. Roger knows something of everything. There is something for everyone here. Trust me, you can help. We will start by repairing the roof, move to the electrical issues, and assess the situation from there. I’ve been a lot of talk on this issue in 2005. It is time to get moving.

My favorite part of the last two Jaycees conventions has been dinner with Kevin and Jill. Good friends, good food, good conversation. For that reason I am creating Monthly Dinner Out. Everyone is invited. My hope is that members other than “the usual suspects” will attend. Let’s get to know each other without being under the umbrella of doing a project. I will remember the friends I made in the Jaycees after the projects become a blur.

I’m ready to get started. How about you?

Jeff Howell
2006 President-Elect

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2 comments on “Fireworks, Building and Monthly Dinner Out
  1. Richard says:

    Great job Jeff!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have looked into a little German place for the internatonal night. It opens all through the week and we can call ahead or just show up. It would be better to call that way we don’t that overload them. Let me know what you think of this idea. “KY”

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