Get Your Hunt On

Our first annual Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success! More than 60 children and their families came out to O.T. Sloan Park on Saturday to celebrate the holiday by hunting 1,000 eggs and enjoying fun Easter-themed crafts.

We had several contests and winners. Egg hunters who discovered gold eggs chose from prizes such as bubble toys, chocolate bars, sticker sets, stuffed animals, chocolate bunnies, and other fun items.

Aaron Scott won a hula hoop after wowing everyone by keeping the hula hoop up for 46 seconds. Another child won a frisbee for tossing it further than his competitors. Marissa Kaufman won a 1/2 gallon of bubbles for her great coloring.

Brook Wade spent the majority of the day painting a long line of excited faces. Children walked away with kitten whiskers, snakes, Easter eggs, butterflies, chicks, and other cute designs.

Thanks to our generous participants, the CCJCs raised more than $30 in donations at this free event. You can expect the 2nd annual hunt next year to feature more than double the number of eggs and be expanded to include 10 year olds – 13 year olds!

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