Interested in Crede?

Even with all the great projects we’re working on, Paul Messino has found time to schedule a visit to the Greater Crede et Vincent chapter … the only NC Jaycee chapter comprised completely of prison inmates.

If you’re interested in visiting the chapter with us, you’ll have to submit some information to Paul so that he can get you on the prison’s visitation list. He needs to know your full name, social, birth date and driver’s license. Don’t worry – he’ll be discreet and you can be assured that no one will misuse your info. Also, you can call him if you’d rather not email the details – just ask him for the digits.

We have some pretty cool stuff coming up – including the Easter egg hunt, Eat Your Heart Out/Andy’s cheeseburger challenge, March of Dimes March for Babies, Voter Registration Drive, and Sing-A-Song spaghetti dinner. You can read all about these on our website.

I’m most looking forward to the Easter egg hunt. There’s something about wild kids tackling each other over cheap chocolate and plastic eggs that I find thrilling. Oh, and of course there’s the whole handing out prizes and family fun – I guess that’s pretty cool, too.

~ Kelly

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