Jaycees Welcome 6th Graders To SanLee Middle

A small group of Central Carolina Jaycees welcomed the rising (and first) sixth grade class at the brand-new Sanlee Middle School this past Saturday.

We cooked and served hot dogs and drinks to the students and their families from 10 am to 12 pm in the SanLee Middle cafeteria. In case you didn’t know – stuffing, wrapping and bagging hot dogs is a work out! You should’ve seen us hustling to get hot dogs in everyone’s hands … especially when the line stretched across the cafeteria!

But, a little sweat never hurt anyone and we were happy to help the school out. It was really great to see the excited faces of all those sixth graders who are experiencing all the nerves and butterflies of moving to a whole new school, from figuring out locker combinations to remembering their new teachers’ names.

Despite the heat, the never-enough-hot-dogs and not enough ketchup, everyone kept their cool. See, here’s a great example. Meet Shannon, Super Vice Principal (you don’t even want to know what she was saying into that walkie-talkie):

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