For those of you who may be new, an M-Night has nothing to do with this guy‘s ability to see dead people, lock freaky subsistence farmers in a National Park, or keep water princesses in swimming pools. No, we at the Central Carolina Jaycees don’t do anything as weird as that.

During our M-Nights (read: Membership Nights), we like to circle around vicious animals in a do-or-die match for survival.

Don’t worry if the Tough Dog contest isn’t for you. You can join the laddies in a rousing game of stare. Ohh, stare.

After the killer beasts finished devouring each other (OK, I’m lying here. It’s not possible for both of them to eat each other. Or is it?), the group decided to invoke an age-old Irish tradition of trying to create octopus pox marks on their body with Nerf darts.

Covered in dog slobber and cratered with Nerf arrows, the festivities continued with beer pong (also an ancient Irish tradition) on the world’s smallest beer-pong table.

The winner of the beer-pong tournament was crowned King. The coronation was delayed because of disputes over the seating accommodations.

Stay tuned to find out when the Central Carolina Jaycees will hold their next M-Night. I think we’re bringing a pig.

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One comment on “M-Night!
  1. Rebecca says:

    GREEN, GREEN! There was so much GREEN! I’m just glad I didn’t puke green the next day. I am so proud to be a Central Carolina Jaycee.

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