Mid-Year Convention

Hampton, Dana, Amber and I spent two lovely days in Statesville at the end of August for the mid-year state convention. Hampton isolated himself in his own room, but the girls all shacked up in one dingy little room with two double beds. But at least we were in great spirits!

Amber spent the weekend collecting signatures for First Timers and the rest of us worked on the “Amber Must Win First Timers Campaign.” Though Amber was a good sport for the first 24 hours, she started to lose steam as the end of the competition drew near. It didn’t matter though – we whooped up on those other First Timers!

We had a great time overall and met some really cool gals from Ahoskie: J.J. and Jenn. We’ll be headed that way before the year’s out.

Oh – how could I forget about awards? We racked up! The entire list is here, but suffice it to say Shannon was loaded down with awards and the three girls (Amber, Dana and me) won debate (though we needed a stiff drink afterward)!

You can see the full list of awards here. As always, pictures are on Flickr!

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