Poppin’ Chambers, Pluggin Foos

On Saturday, Sept. 29 we have the opportunity to take a gun education and concealed weapons permit course conducted by Detective Larry Foster at Dr. Knecht’s office, located at 1911 Bragg Street in Sanford.

We haven’t decided on a time, but it will most likely be in the morning. The course includes some basic educational tips for guns as well as some shooting. The cost is $60 a person. I NEED THIS MONEY IN ADVANCE if you’re interested.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to protect yourself.

If you have a gun or guns, please bring them along with shells.

For those of us who are gun virgins (like me), I would love for some of you veterans to bring some guns along for us to use. I’m anxious to have my chamber popped (inside joke).

Special thanks to Dr. Knecht and Rebecca Johnson for getting this together.

Reply to me ASAP (pmessino@johnlocke.org) so that we can get a list going and figure out a way to get payments together in one place.

Also, feel free to extend this invitation to other Jaycees who may not be on this list, which was created from replies to an interest email months ago.

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