Push or Pull

Several years ago there was alot of hope (and dollars) put in “Push Technology”. Instead of making someone “pull” content by going to your Web page, you could “push” your content to their computer. The technology worked but people just didn’t go for it. I think it had to do with information overload.

The Jaycees newsletter is “push.” In 2005 we emailed the newsletter to members. In 2006 I am going to try “pull.” This weblog will contain the information normally found in the newsletter. Since I can post to this blog at any time, you will be more up to date than ever before. I encourage you to add your own comments to my posts. This is your group too, so speak up.

Do note that this blog uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication). If you use an RSS reader, you can see new postings through it.

Welcome to the future.

Jeff Howell
2006 President-Elect

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