Relay For Life by Julie Dutchess

Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I truly appreciate the support you gave to the Poker Run and Relay. I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too. You guys were awesome and really made it successful and enjoyable! Kevin is still the greatest because of the buns! Meg and Ken, thank you for making so many pizza runs, filling in wherever you were needed, and grilling! It was a huge help! Paul, thanks for the decorations and working the front (also Congrats for winning the Hollywood basket). Dana and Matt, thanks for running the coke trailer and selling the candy bars!

Lisa, thanks for helping out with the front and just pitching in wherever you were needed. Jill and Dylan (Kevin you can tell them for me), thank you for bringing the things I forgot (oops) and helping out at the site. Truly appreciated the help! Jeff and Kevin, thank you for grilling, selling food, helping me with my tent and coming back out on Saturday to sell coffee and donuts! I really appreciated your coming out so early and helping me! By the way, my parents came back out and my dad ran the coke trailer until 11:30. Let me tell you…smart move leaving it open. We were the only ones left selling drinks and we made a lot more money. People really appreciated it!

Overall, I think our first year as a team was a success because of you so thank you for making my job an easy one! We cleared $1560.00 so I was pleased! Next year, we will do even better! I already have ideas, so hopefully you will help out again!!!! Thanks again!!!!!

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