Relay for Life

I know the last post wasn’t that funny. I apologize. But, you must remember that comedy comes in at least three forms: visual, verbal, written.

Seeing as how I can’t very well say anything funny on a blog, and seeing has how I stuck to the facts last post, you must take my word for it when I say that the posted picture is absolutely hilarious. I mean, seriously, how tall IS Hampton? He looks about 8 foot huge. Either that or the Jaycees are sleeping with more midgets than I’m aware of. I digress — on to Relay.

Community VP, Julie Dutchess, did a fantastic job this year with the CCJC Relay for life. We raised $1596.00 this year. That includes the money from Bunco night, Julie’s son Colton’s penny drive, donations, luminarias, Elvis pictures, Rock wall, Moonbounce, raffle, and coke truck items (drinks, candy bars, pizza, and LANCE crackers). Special thanks to Amber who raised $250.00. We were so happy with the result, that many of us shrunk into Jaycee midgets and started bouncing off the wall.

And then we decided to climb it.

Dana, Matt, and Rebecca manned the Coke Truck.

While I hung out with Elvis. Hung out? No, I PIMPED Elvis … “You wanna Elvis? One dolla’. It make you FAAAAMOUS!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Paul and Elvis look alot alike, was he sure that wasn’t a self portriat.

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