Second Chance Prom

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching … which means we’re only about a week from the Second Chance Prom.

Things are coming together. We’ve gotten some great sponsors (including Hersheys, Cafe Vesuvio and Rockin’ K Pottery), Lydia at the Wilrik has been extremely helpful, Jean Dickens has agreed to help us with the music. A big shout out to CheapCaribbean for supplying us with the 6-day all-inclusive stay in the Dominican Republic!

My favorite part so far has been meeting tons of great folks outside of Wal-Mart last weekend, including a lady who you should watch out for next time you’re playing Bingo – she’s a pro! There was also a cute couple who recently found out they’re expecting (hello, Laurie & Hugh!) and Stacy who works with developmentally disabled adults. Hopefully we’ll see everyone Feb. 9.

It’s a little daunting to think of the things left to accomplish, but I’m excited to see everything come together. This is the first project I’ve chaired and I’m really hopeful that it goes well. I mean, put food, music and people dressed to the 9s in a room and it has to be good – right? Right?!

We’ll be out at Wal-Mart again this weekend and hopefully we’ll meet more interesting Sanfordians. My goal for this project is to introduce as many people as possible to the CCJCs and show them how easy it is to help out a wonderful cause.

~Kelly, 2008 CCJC Secretary

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