Soup Your Bowl Party

Last Sunday, the Jaycees got together to watch the Colts take it to the Bears. In typical Jaycee fashion, we added a little flair to the party by making it a “Soup Your Bowl” Party.
Three bowls were entered.
I personally liked the creativity used by the individual who entered the “Bowler” Hat. But alas, I, I mean that individual, lost. Congrats goes to Shannon and her Budlight Colt.

The Super Bowl was definitely exciting this year.

There was Prince.

And a Mini-Barkley.

A little lovin’.

And a wild child.

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One comment on “Soup Your Bowl Party
  1. Jeff says:

    A big thank you to Bill and Shannon for inviting us to their home. They hosted the evening well. It was great to see how much fun little Lyons had with their kid-sized dog.

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