Squall Lines Over Sanford

Despite the ominous storm clouds hanging over Sanford, the CCJC’s stepped up to do a car wash and nonperishable food drive for the Beaver Creek Drug Rehabilitation Program. Thanks to everyone that helped out.

We collected about 5 grocery bags of food and a little over $200. Special, special thanks to Sanford’s sheriff, Tracy Carter, who personally donated $50 to the cause.

There is nothing better than doing a good deed for the community. It’s especially fulfilling to know that your time will make a direct, positive impact on the community. Here’s the gang we helped.

It’s entirely possible that what brought the community out was our Hooters girls.

Or maybe it was Bill.

Umm, probably not.

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One comment on “Squall Lines Over Sanford
  1. Anonymous says:

    I am far from a Hooter’s girl, but I did get a few horns blown. Or that could’ve been due to the little monkeys I had with me in the island! I had fun even though the next day I noticed I was quite TOASTED!

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