The Fireworks Committee

The fireworks committee is Kevin Yow, Dana and Matt Kaufman, Shannon and Bill Shuey, and Trent Freeman. The first committee meeting is January 27th at the home of Kevin and Jill Yow. There will be about 150 fundraising letters ready to placed in envelopes, addressed and stamped at the meeting. All members are invited to help in this effort. This project is moving quickly and I hope you will join us.

Jeff Howell

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  1. Anonymous says:

    we recently had our first committee
    meeting and got the ball rolling. Thanks to Dana and her organization skills. Jill set up an adress file in our computer so that we did not have to hand adress all of the envelopes. Trent has secured our portable facilities.I have been collecting info from pyrotechnic companies. We are trying to get the most bang for the buck. If anyone is interested in helping out or has an idea for something extra for the fourth. Music,vendors etc.
    I plan on contacting the city to let them know our intentions soon. Thank you for all of your help as CCJCs. “KY”

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