Timely Oprah

Can you believe today’s Oprah was about medical miracles, including organ donation? With the Second Chance Prom and Susy Dirr on my brain, I tried to zone out to my DVRed episode only to get even more great information about organ donation.

There was a segment on Jason Ray, the young man from right here in NC who told his parents that if something happened to him, he wanted to donate his organs to save other people. His parents remembered that after he was killed in a tragic accident … and his organs went on to save seven other people.

It’s all just a reminder of the wonderful gifts we carry around with us. Here’s a link to a form you can fill out to make sure your organs are put to good use if you don’t need them anymore. I’ll have copies of this form at the Second Chance Prom for people to fill out, as well.

Okay – time to call it a night.

~ Kelly, 2008 CCJC Secretary

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