Wii Wars: MarioKart!

If you’ve ever played MarioKart, then you know no one needs a reason to spend hours playing it … but we came up with one: the Wii Wars MarioKart Tournament!

Several Central Carolina Jaycees and their friends and spouses got together on Saturday night to RACE TO THE DEATH — or until one clear winner emerged. The boys practiced for an hour or so and then we got down to business.

After four heats (and a brief intermission for the kids to play), Billy Miller, Bill Shuey, and Ian Lindauer emerged as the top three racers. They then battled in a three-way race for the cup. After a grueling and action-packed four races, Billy claimed the final victory with Bill in second place and Ian following up the rear.

If you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry — we’ll definitely be doing it again soon. And next time, the Golden Steering Wheel could be yours!

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