Year End Convention (Oh, and Something About Awards)

Nestled between the old I-40 and some other major roadway, NC Jaycees got together to celebrate a year’s worth of worthy projects at the Year End Convention.

If you haven’t been to a convention (this year was my first), you should plan to attend the upcoming convention to be held in Pinehurst. It’ll be my job for the next 650-some words (plus pictures, which are worth a thousand words), to convince you that convention is fun, rewarding, and includes quite a bit more than drinking.

Before I get to awards, I should introduce some famous cats. We’re the maroon bandits (uncoordinated, I promise). From left to right: Bill Shuey, Matt Kaufman, Hampton Rutledge, and me, P.Mess, P.Diggty, P-dawg.

OK – on to awards. Our chapter brought home tons of awesome awards, including VP and LD of the year, CPGs of the year, top five in chapter points and more. The best news is we also brought home awards for the most outstanding chapter (the LARGE trophy, reverently referred to as the Kiger), the Libby Wallace Memorial Award for the highest growth rate (It’s clear: YOU CAN’T SEE ME!), and (not pictured) the Hawkins for Top 5 Presidents of the year.

After the awards banquet, resident Beer Pong players Bill and I introduced some of the older Jaycees to the game. Here’s Flounder from the ECU area lining up a shot.

His opposition was daunting: a seasoned veteran and a skilled frosh. This duo lasted til 6 in the a.m., when we were unfortunately beaten by a team whose spokesman complained about the rules in slurred drunk-speak — a language us sober winners couldn’t understand.

My partner, addicted to that winning feeling, couldn’t take the loss. I’m sure there’s a rematch in our future.

So now that you’ve seen the good, the bad and the crazy, you have no excuse not to head to Pinehurst for the next convention. Hopefully our awards bag will be just as full!

And, don’t forget you can see more pictures from convention and all our events on our Flickr page!

~ Paul, 2008 State Director

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